camshaft alignment

Hey guys just wondering if there is any way to get the camshaft aligned on the chain more easily. I just put new valves in and reinstalled everything. Aligning the cams tookway longer then it should have because I had to move the chain a million times. Just wondering if any of you have any tips or tricks to do this easier in case I am off a tooth and have to realign the cams. Thanks

Cams?? How many cams does your UniCam have?

It only has one cam.

Glad to hear that...I was thinking that Honda may have left out a cam on my bikes...:thumbsup:

The easiest way to move the cam chain on the cam gear is to slide the trapped bearing all the way to the cam gear, rock the end of the cam up and move the chain along like an inchworm.

Wow never thought of sliding the bearing towards the end... I never did this before as you can tell lol. Thanks for the great advice, I will give it a shot next time I need to.

Make sure you pull the slack up on the non-tensioner side when putting the chain on the cam gear.

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