Blue book value?

Ok I was looking at prices on some dirt bikes on the blue book values and the two that I was looking at was and There is a pretty good amount of difference between the two for a example 2002 cr250r in excellent condition on they were saying 1,930? I thought that was kinda high? On it for a 2002 cr250r they said for average retail it was like 1,480. I figured that was more of a reasonable price? I just wanted your thoughts on what blue book value to go by or what you all go by.

Thanks for all replies:thumbsup:

i would definitely trust kbb more

I think it depends on where you're buying the bike from. KBB retail refers to dealership retail including paying employees and advertising fees. I always go with Nada on private party deals.

Good point BMC.

Depends, are you buying, then refer to NADA, selling? KBB :thumbsup:

But seriously, $400 means little. Maybe 25% of the cost but it is just $400. That is easily wiggle room. I would not loose sleep over it. Those values are suggested numbers and mean little more.

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