Help! Kick starter messed up after rebuild!

Finally got everything put back together after top end rebuild and new cam chain, etc... Went to start it and could tell the kick starter was messed up. It turns over the engine but will not return on its own. It will also start the motor but makes the ratcheting sound unless you hold it forward. I'm thinking the assembly popped out enough that the big coil spring came out of it's keeper hole when I was installing the side case.

Obviously I need to get back in there and fix it, but I'd like to break the engine in first. Anyone see a problem with just wiring the kick starter to the header for the break in period?

Since you were in a hurry to break the engine in, this may be a moot point, but it wouldn't take more than a few minutes to crack the motor open and re-seat the return spring. While it shouldn't cause an issue, I personally wouldn't run an engine knowing that there were loose parts rattling around inside.

I haven't broken the engine in yet, just ran it for maybe 10-15 secs 3 times when I was figuring out what was wrong. I'm ASSuming the spring is still captured, just free to rotate.

I agree with "XR133", I wouldn't take a chance on anything else (I didn't know about) going wrong...:thumbsup:

Pulling the right side engine cover won't take long.


I avoided lazyness and took the cover off and fixed it. Not sure what was wrong as it pulled out with the cover. Either way it's fixed right now! Button up a few things tomorrow and then to break it in!

Thanks for the kick in the butt!

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