Reed/Windham 2011


Anyone else 'amazed' at how well CR and KW did in 2011? Wow. The two old timers consistently in the top 5 (most for CR, a number of 'em for KW.) Where, some time ago the 'routine' was that if RC was in the race, the entire field succumed to that RC would win, and everyone else was out for second (minus JS in those SX battles, JS most often was the b***h in MX w/RC.)

The 'mental' game is everything, this that way worked for RC and no slam on RC. Now today, could everyone *believe* how well CR and KW (the old timers) did in 2011? Man, this was pretty awesome! CR was -on it- after a few SX races in and most every race thereafter, outpacing the likes of JS/RV/RD, etc. Hell, CR got SX #2 plate! KW #5 (I think?). Those young guys are not weakling's, RV, RD, JS- these guys are -fast-, workin' for it, no jokes. 'N the "old timers" did so well? That's pretty awesome.

Now in 2011 MX and CR and KDub still kicking? Cool stuff...

Phenominal performance from CR/KW, keep it up guys! That's awesome, congrats! :thumbsup:


That would be a PR dream sponsors.


What they are every bit of 30. You must be what 92?

When you hit 30 I hope someone calls you an "Old Timer".

I must be father time then :thumbsup: move over you young whipper snapper:thumbsup:

What they are every bit of 30. You must be what 92?

Huh? What, are you guys, *new*? In this sport (generally), anyone over 26 and certainly over 28, and, still competing *IS* called an 'old timer.' Larocco wasn't called an 'old timer' as he got older and went along? I didn't start it, sorry my post wasn't liked. Way to go CR/KW, right on guys. Really suprised how well CR has done, way to go Reedy. Kdub- some awesome up front races this year, great rides!

OP I'm guessing is in early 20's or younger. 30 is the optimum age for this sport in my opinion. Body has yet to hit the wall and the mind is stronger. Strategy is an actual possibility due mainly though experience during 'younger-dumber' years. Only at age 25 could I hit the face of the 3rd triple and not succomb to the inevitable injury that 'should' have occcured. Its a short window and I'm glad to see Kevin & Chad taking advantage of it.

dont forget Nick Wey at 30 or 31 years of age.. still consistant top tens and better when he was subbing on the monster kaw in supercross 2 years ago, he has had a great career and often got the short end of the stick, but always made the best of it

Yeah, good point, same with Nick. The guy is still a solid racer, many times in top 10, and a top 15 guy.

Didn't Roger Decoster race until his mid 30's, he was giving Bob Hannah a lesson. Boy does time go fast.

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