KDX clutch issue?

Hey peeps, back again with a question about the KDXs clutch, I was out riding the other day and I noticed it ws dragging badddd! I mean it has always drug a lot since I got it, i.e. it lurches forward when I start it in gear with clutch in, keeps rolling when clutch is in trying to slow down or stop, when downshifting with clutch in motor still revs up, dies when I come to a stop with clutch in. Are the plates and fibers cooked? cause it sounds like it.

Also I put in stiffer springs cause it was dragging but I think that made it worse because then it would never disengage even when moving, all of our 2 other KDX motors dont have this issue. What do you guys think???:ride::thumbsup:

check and see if the clutch cable has streched to far, also check your clutch basket for worn groves were the clutch tabs rest on the basket, you can file the tabs on the basket back smooth if it's not worn to bad.:thumbsup:

I did have it apart like less than a year ago, and not many miles since then, and it was all fine, no grooves, and it all looked good. Ill take it back apart some time, I have to lower the fork oil height, Ill do it then

im having the same issue with my 99 kx250 right now. Havnt found a solution but I have been reading that it may be due to using aluminium plates instead of steel ones........let me know if you find out your issue!

I have heard that you want steel ones. Aluminum to me is a no-no when it comes, to heat, power, pressure, and spinning. I might have to look into a clutch pack

I have heard that you want steel ones. Aluminum to me is a no-no when it comes, to heat, power, pressure, and spinning. I might have to look into a clutch pack

I think it's probably from not riding and the bike sitting in your garage to long!

Also you need to get your sorry a_ _ out of bed in the morning if you don't like riding in the heat!:thumbsup:

we went to nelson tuesday morning, so yes we have been riding. haha

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