Replacement wheel bearings ?

What brand do you guys recommend for replacement wheel bearings ?

I've been reading a little and All Balls seems to have a good reputation, but, I've never used them.

I don't have a brand preference at all, just looking for good quality.

Went riding today in the 102F heat. Lost it three times (going slow too) in deep sand on a single track that was beat up all to hell.

I got back to the trailer to take a breather and get some gatorade and noticed my front seals were leaking. The bearings in there now are probably still good, but the sugar sand probably made it's way into them with the seal leaking.

I'm all about saving a few bucks when I can, but damned sure not on bearings or maintenance.

I'll have them out in the morning and get a good look, but, I'm already leaning toward just doing a replacement because the sand was about as fine as I've ever seen and went on forever.

I can't help but think at least some sand got in at least one bearing. Maybe not, but bearings are (relatively) cheap and I'd sleep better at night.

Otherwise the ride was great, except for the heat. Between the pressure suit and full gear, I must have lost 5 lbs by sweating it out. I'm pretty tolerant of the heat, and was well hydrated, and no cramps. But, since I was looking for the drill to ventilate my chest so I could breath and I was getting a little dizzy, I decided to call it a day.

There's always next weekend :thumbsup:

In the meantime, I need to deal with the bearings...

What do you recommend for wheel bearings ?

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All balls is supposed to be good. My cheap ass would clean them really good and inspect them. If there's no pitting then I would repack them with fresh grease and call it a day.

Yeah, me too, but this sand was like cake flour, not any more gritty than most, just dusty to the max and caked over everything, including me like an accident in a Three Stooges movie.

The front hub had a nice little biscuit growing by the time I got back to the trailer.

I'm going to tank em good and see how they look.

Damned cheapo seals.

Pivot works is another brand you can look into

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