FMF Megabomb missing the header flange?

Whats up with this? A lot of listings on ebay, craigslist etc. people are selling megabombs without the flange that bolts to the cylinder.

First off, how does this even come off? Isn't the header itself wider at the end to prevent this and help tighten the pipe to head during install?

Second, if its missing what are you supposed to do? Is this even offered from FMF as a replacement, and if it was how do you get it on?

I don't mind dropping some coin on a used bomb to match my 4.1 but if there is no flange how do people expect the buyer to install it?


I can't see it coming off either. Can you post a link to one you saw?

A lot of aftermarket pipes (FMF included) use springs to hold the pipe on. This means the end of the pipe is just straight, and the flange is separate. There are also two collars that sandwich the pipe to keep it from leaking exhaust at this point. Basically the ebay sellers are not including the flange, two collars, and springs that are necessary to mount the pipe. You would have to call FMF and get them to send you the parts.

In the link you posted the collars and springs are on the left of the picture. The two collars are sitting inside of each other like one in that picture.

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