Shoulder tension / Clavicle rehab

I broke my collarbone at the mx track 5 weeks ago right at the outer end of the bone. Xrays showed the bones to be well aligned, so I just wore a sling for 3 weeks. Now at 5 weeks I still feel tension in the whole shoulder and when I do certain moves with the arm upward there is like a stinging pain in my arm, not in the shoulder...

I am guessing this isnt the collarbone hurting, but something else that has been stretched or torn?

btw. When I crashed and got up to brush myself off I was surprised to find my arm was completely numb for a little while, maybe half a minute. Couldnt move it at all, like when you have slept on the arm and its numb when you wake up...

I now have a visible lump on top of the shoulder which I think means the bone has been healing, because the break was about where the lump is. But what might it be that causes the general tension in my shoulder and arm? I also sometimes feel something plop and move in the shoulder when I do certain moves, it isnt the same as when the bone was clicking...

Should I excercise the shoulder or do as little as possible with it? It feels pretty good as long as there are no sudden moves or jolts to the shoulder.

Im 32 and in pretty good shape btw.

I had surgery, so I cant say much about tension or rehab with it. I just used mine when I was able to and all the pain went away.

Although the numbness is from a lot of nerves being right in the area around the clavicle. After I broke mine, I just jumped back on the bike and was riding as if nothing happened till I hit a bump and my entire arm went numb. After surgery I also had numbness in all of my finger tips for about a week and a bit before that went away.

Do you have any follow up examinations coming up to get another X-ray to make sure it healed properly?

I had one x-ray when I crashed, and again one week later which apparently looked good. Im not supposed to go on any follow up examinations...

btw, I just tried going out on a 30 minute run and it seems it really loosened up the shoulder and it feels alot better actually. I suppose that means its better to keep it moving than to be careful with it and dont do anything...?

the muscles have had to tense up to keep your shoulder in place for a long time because your collarbone was not doing it's normal duty (the muscles had to pick up a lot of slack). i would recommend stretching as much as possible, but move slowly and don't move into pain. at 5 weeks your collarbone has probably got some decent healing going on so you need to stretch and relax your shoulder muscles so they get the message that "it's ok, the collarbone is back, you can relax now"

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