What modifications have you completed to your pig?

This forum was a little slow so wondering :) what Mods you have done to your pig and what mods are super important, one mod I think Im going to try is the rekluse z start and then an aluminum skid plate for those narly moab rocks that seem to move under your bike, I put a hole in the case of a 86 xr 250 a very long time ago in Moab probally was in 1991 or so, ouch but had a 85 xr350 as a spare back at camp so trip was still great. AND it was on Friday the 13th. Just in case you were wondering. It was on a super easy jeep trail jumping those run off mounds they put accross the road landed right on a small rock embedded in the dirt sticking straight up. Funny thing was the day before I took the bike on Five Miles of Hell and didnt do anything to it except for a couple of scratches while pulling it up one hill with a rope. :D

03'XR650R Mikuni*TM40 145.main,.25.pilot, 1.2 air jet, middle.position on the needle, Stock Carburetor was--185main, 70s pilot, power-up needle 4th pos. XR's.Only.header White Bros. R4 14/48 Non.Oring ERT.Gold.chain Tera Flex MotoSteel Type (2) 140/80 Front Dunlop 738 AT Eibach 45kg.Fork.springs w/reshimmed & Revalved, 2.5wt Golden Spectro Fork Fluid, 10kg shock springs, (95mm preload) - 3wt Maxxam Shock oil, - reshufled shims UNI.air.filter&holes.in.air.cover, No.back.fire.screen Scott's.steering.stablizer. Pro-Taper bars&Scotts triple clamp, Oil sight tube. Acerbis Pro-Handguards, XR's Only's. case saver & alum. skid plate, IMS Pro foot pegs, LED tail/brake light, Re-wound stator&stator vent tube, Stickers; lots of stickers** Makes it go faster... :)

Not Much, have a look below. Soon to have a dual sport kit. And yes, lots of stickers!!!

its a baja blaster... :)


what does "8 guaged excells mean?"

how do you like using excell rims? i'm gonna build an extra set of wheels just for racing and am not sure if im going to use excells or stick with the stock DIDs.

i have a sponsorship with excell for 40% off retail or i can get the DIDs at dealer cost. if you had to choose over what would you go with? what spoke kit did you use with your excells?

i have several smiles in my old rims and i want to turn that set into a practice set. i did hear one guy complaining about excells being harder to pound out because they are more brittle than the DIDs. what do you think?

here's the extras on my bike:

suspension - Precision Concepts

race cam, foot pegs, dez tank with dry break, graphics - IMS

triple clamp, rear disk fin - BRP

sx high handlebars and med compound grips - Tag

dampener with forward mount - Scotts

proud owner of an xr650r with 13 desert races on it and a crack free frame - stock skid plate

2000 xr650r

pro taper handlebars cr hi mount

Electrex dual sport kit(fully street legal)

Scots reusable oil filter

uni air filter


13/50 sprockets

I love this bike.. Its a better dirt bike than most people give it credit. :)

cup holder and fuzzy dice.

Chicks dig it. :)

secretatlas, I think irondude is referring to 8 guage spokes in his Excels. They just make the wheel stronger :)

Sharks with Lazer Beams Attached to their Heads.


I had the guys at Wheelworks drill out the stock hubs to fit 8 guage spokes. They put on the Excells. It was $249 for the heavy duty spokes and rim and lacing, trueing. The rim was $99-although i have since seen them advertised at chaparral for $79. IF you want to be cutting edge-check out Erics new rims at www.xr650r.us He has a new design of DID rims that are supposed to be stronger than the Excells. THey are a new item, and i havent any idea if they are better. They sure loook cool....

My rims were so bent up i had to do something-and i didnt have the cash for new hubs. My idea was that this set would be the backup set, and eventually i would get the Talon/Excell set up with a Braking rotor.

I have been borrowing wheels from freinds for race back ups, but thats getting old.

I think the coolest set up would be the oversize Braking rotor with the new DID rims, and RAD manufacturing spokes and hubs. RAD offer a much cheaper alternative to french Talons. RAD sells complete wheelsets for about $350/450. Very reasonable, and great quality.

Finally there is eBay. Occasionally a motard dude will sell the stock 650 wheels. They go for about $200-250 on eBay.

hope thats not to confusing...let us know what you end up gong with!




thanks for the lowdown irondude. i'll let you all know what i decide to go with. won't be until around october timeframe.

if i can get the new DID rims through honda at dealer cost then i will go that route. but i think it's unlikely since the new design probably isn't OEM on any honda yet...is it?

otherwise i'll plan on going with the RAD hubs and spokes and like you said, the plan all along was to go with a braking disk for the race set.

it would be so nice not to have to replace my rear tire every two weeks. i figure if i was carefull i could get quality tires for the race set and run all my burners on the practice set.

No idea if the new DID is OEM on anything. Its really different looking, no ridges at all, just a convex arc of aluminum. Erics got a picture of it on there.

Just curious, you getting her ready for the 1000?

Also- just for the record- i found the stock rear rim was starting to seperate at the welded seam. It freaked me out, and i went for the Excells. But now i have the rear Excell rim coming apart at the seam also... :)



He is getting ready to chase Washington Team #1 at the 24 hour event at Starvation Ridge.


funny brandon. really funny. you will really be laughing when you find out the ringer i just lined up. not saying anything yet because he's still not 100% commited. that's all im gonna say about the red ringer before i put my foot further in my mouth :)

irondude, no 1000 this year. i race district 37 desert and enduro. that pretty much keeps me busy with 3 races a month. my plan was to make a 1000 effort next fall but i decided to hit all the national hare & hounds in 2004 instead. i'm gonna do the 1000 soon. i need to get down there and pit first, just to see what it's like.

Hey Brandon, if you need some help dealing with this guy's "ringer" just let me know....i'll ride with ya... :) Your mexico buddy with the helicopter, and a new thumpertalk name...

The best mod I did to my pig by far was the edelbrock. It came completely set up and thats it....ran oerfect ever since :)

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