More Power

So i was wondering how much more will i get out of my bike if i go for a new fmf or pc system as to what i am running now or if i should just save the money.

As of now she has:

Stock pipe with a larger insert all the other mods have been done i.e air box jetting needle blah blah blah.

Im not the best rider but i dont have any probs with WOT for most of the day and i dont race. Will it be a huge diff or just a waste of money?

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Can not answer that ? yet! But, give me a week and I'll tell u. I am going to order a fmf power bomb head pipe and a pc 4 ti can this morning from rocky mountain atv. I know this does not answer your ? but, I think a pipe would be a nice addition for more throttle response and weight savings.

Aftermarket exhaust or the stock kx exhaust is a HUGE improvement on our bikes. I am running a power bomb header and Q4 silencer and I absolutley love the power increase. I have heard a lot of guys like the stock kx exhaust and you can pick it up cheap on ebay or in the classified section. I would definatly recommend changing the exhaust. You won't regret it.

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Yep, do it.

2 to 5 hp? I'm just guessing though. There are some threads with dyno charts I think. DB might have done some articles on it too.

If you want the seat of your pants opinion... it's waaayyyy better power.

I just put a new pc 4 ti pipe and fmf power bomb head pipe on mine and jetted with a jd mj 160 or 165(can'nt remember). Alot better bike running wise. Pulls good all through the band, chugs better down low also and pulls the tire off the ground with ease. Just what the Dr ordered!:smirk:

I ran a Yoshimura silencer for about a year and then switched to a full (used) KXF system, which definitely makes the bike feel stronger. I lost a bit off the bottom, but really you don't notice it after a few hours. Unless you're RC out there wringing the guts out of it, its really hard to NEED more power out a 450. a 450 in most cases is more than a good rider can use. I am definitely in that category. All of my performance oriented mods have been done in order to get the bike to run cool and not blow coolant everywhere. Oh, and so my gas doesn't boil. Thanks Kawasaki!

I've done all the usual mods and spent plenty. Must say though, just dropped stage 2 cams in and for under $500 the best bang for buck I have had.

I installed a full FMF system, installed a JD jetting kit, cut the airbox, and removed the AIS all in one shot, and the results were pretty remarkable. I'm certain the FMF system was a big part of equation, and well worth the cash outlay.

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