Groin Muscle

I was on a steep hill and choked down and trying to start my bike,I guess I was in a bad position when I went to kick it plus it was in gear 9 thought I had it out) and kicked and I think I tore my groin muscle.I could'nt get up or walk.After a while I crawled and hobbled up to road and my buddies rode my bike out.I have never felt a pain like that I don't know if it torn or sprained but it is bad.

you are in for a fun trip. Go to the Dr. and get it checked out, a torn groin can be pretty nasty, but in all reality you probably just pulled it. It is a nasty injury. I pulled mine in Feb of this year and it still bothers me. Count on being off the bike for 8 weeks, and being scared of turning the side you pulled the groin on for 4 months. Rest, careful application of ice and physical therapy is the best route.

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