plated dirt bike, 2 or 4 stroke

hey guys

i have just joined and this is my first post,

I have riden motox since i was pretty young, i owned a crf230 fourstroke and an old xr100, then i have only had two strokes, rm 125, rm 250 and a road bike RGV250

i have sold all my bikes and am now selling my fourbie and going to get a car and another bike, i want something i can blast trails with, maybe take for a play on a track but not race, and still be able to get around on the street, i wouldnt be using it as a-b transport, just for a little blast here and there and getting to tracks etc.

i will be having up to about 10k, but have to buy a helmet with that coin too,

ive been lookng at crf450x, ktm 450 and 530. and have just discovered that the exc 2 stroke 300 are also road legal and this has got me really confused as i love two strokes, i have always found them much funner to ride but also that i am confident with the engines, having done about 10 rebuilds to my own and other peoples bikes now, the rgv was abit more tricky than the mxers for me though! haha

main thng i want to know is would a person like me who has no mechanical training, just what i have taught myself be able to tackle a four stroke rebuild, as i think the cost of havng to pay for a rebuilf would deter me from a four stroke,

has anyone had one of these bikes and have any input to my decision?

cheers heaps, any help would be muchly appreciated!!


If you aren't going to do much road riding and if the gas/oil won't be a hassle to you then sure stay with the 2-stroke. I have a 2010 GG 300 and enjoy it way more than any road legal 450 4-stroke. If I had to get a 4-stroke for the dirt/street I think I would go with the Husky TE310 or TE450. On the 4-stroke rebuild....I can't so that's why I enjoy my 2-strokes so much. Go luck Mike.

Thanks for the reply,

Didnt think about gg, might look at then too, think I might go for a2 stroke then if I can find a tidy one.



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