no oil :S

hey guys i did an oil change on my bike today, and then when i checked the oil level on the dipstick there was nothing on there, it was dry as a bone :S yes i put the drain plugs back in and i started the bike and everything. i also put enough oil in. my bike takes 900 ml without a filter change and i didnt change the filter. just to be safe i put a little more than 900 ml. what is happening !? :S

the 04 takes more than 900ml

it says 1.2 litres with an oil filter change, 900ml without an oil change in my factory owners manual :thumbsup:

thats i big difference. i thought the 03-05 models took more than that. i thought 1.4 or something coz they still run through the frame? might want to check that

yeah ill triple check tomorrow. and thanks mike.

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