What is the best 250 motocross bike that older models (2004-2006) are still good???

Hey, was just wondering which bike i should buy in the 250cc range, and between the years of 2004-2006...

there all good if there in good condition

and are you talking about 2 strokes or 4 strokes

^+1 ya 2 or 4 stroke

Get the one in the best shape that fits your budget.

my 04 yz250f cost me 2,700. it had a few minor problems, none motor related just cosmetic, and it is a beast! i change my oil around 7 hours, and i always clean my air filter. me and dad adjusted the valves the other week, so its all good. aslong as you can afford to buy the bike and maintain it regularly, you will be all good. i think they are all good, i have heard that the 2004 and 2005 suzuki's and kawasaki's have reliabilty issues, but i dont know for sure so dont take my word for it. bottom line is my 2004 yz250f runs strong and i love everything about it. :thumbsup:

if i were you, with the years 04-06 i would get a honda. they are the only one with the aluminum frame since 04, and in 06 yamaha started. hondas have a nice look, good reliability, and are pretty powerfull.

250 2t was 05

I don't follow 4t models

Get a yz250f fantastic bike. Do not get a Honda in from those years. Had bad valve problems which were very expensive to fix. If you want to get a honda get 2007 or later. But I can seriously recommend a yz250f

yz250 or yz250f. either one are great bikes. :thumbsup:

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