Ktm 125 first top end and powervalve adjustmentt

So I have a 2002 KTM 125 SX. it's one of the nicest you'll see as a 02 model. I put a new wiseco prolite top end kit. After I had gotten the kit. I knew I should have gotten the two ring gp series but anyway, it was my first time teRing te bike down and also my first topend job. So to make tHe story short, I did a good job sofar, cleaned the powervalve and so far I broke in 1 tank of gas mixed at 40:1. When I got the bike it was mixed 50:1 on a

Soil dominated ad I can't get that aroun here so I started klotz aT 40:1 on 88 pump gas. No rejet. Is this good? I also cleaned the carb and reed cAge and air filter.And repacked the silencer. So I have almost two tanks in so far and it seems to be running great. But the powervalve when I put the cylinder back on was almost at the bottom of the adjustment betwween the two guide marks. Is this bad? I read how to adjust it and I know where the Langston setting would be. What would the difference be from where my adjustment is now ad the Langston setting. P.s my bike has a VERY good low end pull. I love it. It's almost like a four stroke then with a good two stroke hit. I am running 13;50 gear ratio. I have fmf fatty, stock silencer, vforce3 reed, new chain, new br8Es NGK plug. Is there anything left I can do to give more power? Besides bore and stroking? Thanks a lot.

a stock KTM 125 is strong and needs no more than being kept clean and fresh and then fine tuning. Look in the FAQ for a how-to on doing the PV adjust. The low setting is good for low end, the high/Langston setting is good for top end revs, in between is where I settled.

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