Be carefull checking valves

Just a warning to be very carefull with the valve cover seal. A customer with a kx250f 09 shimed the valves and when re-fitting the valve cover tightened it down with about 1" of the seal at the front of the motor popped out. Went for a ride in wet muddy conditions and after two hours the motor stopped.

Pulled the motor apart today and found it to be full of grit. It has worn his cams and journals to the point of siezing the motor. Scored his cylinder pretty badly too and worn his crank bearings. Looking at least 2k just for parts. He is real bummed as you can imagine.

Wow....that does suck........bummer.....

Damn, I feel so bad for that guy.

i pinched the gasket at the misted out oil and eventually flamed up during a race.

I did that once too. On a brand new big bore fully worked engine. Fortunately I realized it in the first thirty seconds and no damage resulted. Just a big mess.

Check twice, tighten once.

and we need to watch the 2 orings around the spark plug hole. that sucks! always take your time rebuilding and double check your work we all make mistakes.

With a new complete motor assembly costing $3100 there in the US it might be better to chuck the old motor. Contaminated oil has been through the transmission and clutch and we haven't even looked in there yet.

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