Dealer and 350XCF price please

Looking at pulling the trigger on a 350XCF. Can sombody point me to a good dealer Cali ? around LA preferably. What everybody paying for them? Any deals anywhere? Would look out of state but need it shipped to LA. Thinking maybe they might start discounting with the 2012 landing.


May even consider a low hr one.


I just picked one up @ KTM World in GA. That is a ways from LA but they do ship! Look them up KTM world, I think Glenn is the only sales person there.

regardless of where you get it make sure it has had the bearing updated.

I only have 3 hours on mine but I love it so far, Last bike I owned was a 250F and I grew up on 125's so twisting it to higher rev's is not a issue. Plenty of low end for me also in stock form.

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