First Oil Change of Mobil 15W50 Syn after Clutch Change...Any Ideas???

Hey Guys,

Today I changed the oil in my thumper. This was the first change since replacing the clutch with all new goodies. I did change the oil at clutch time with Mobil 1 Synthetic 15W50.

The oil came out a dirty brownish-black, and when I removed the oil filter for change, I noticed quite a bit of particle like material trapped within the filter. More than I would have liked.

When I did the clutch I looked over the exposed internals and found nothing out of the ordinary. In fact it all looked rather clean! Sorry, I don't know any other way to explain it.

Is this just waste from the meshing of new friction/fibre plates, or is something else going on here I don't know about???

This was the first time using/changing Mobil 1 15W50 synthetic.

By the way, I really like the synthetic! It is so much better than the regular mineral oils! No slippage!

Thank you!

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I found that when I changed to using Synthetic Oils (Yamalube or Mobil 1) that the color seems to be darker even after only 5hrs or less.

I never let the Oil go more than 5hrs.

I didn't notice it til my friend with a

ZX-12 came over and was drinkin beer and helpin get my bike prepped for a race. He let me know right away how dark it was and asked me how long it had been since I changed oil. That particular one had only been about 3hrs and it was still dark.

Don't ever see any extraordinary amount of metal in filter though.

Maybe it is just my imagination ?

But the color is surely lookin darker than natural oils.




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I've been using the Bel Ray EXS oil and am just about out....switching o Mobil 1 15w50 so I'll be mindful of what you described. When I installed the Hinson basket in my 426, I got a whole bunch of metal particles initially and almost panicked. It cleared up pretty quickly and doesn't seem to have done any harm...but it still bugs me to have had that happen.Maybe I didn't clean the basket good enough after drilling out the rivets for the installation of the gear to the Hinson. I dunno.

Mine always seems to come out brown. It was practically black after my new cylinder / piston break in. I also do not let it get past 5 hours. Lately it seems to be clearing up. I am presently using Golden Spectro semi syn. I will be changing over to Mobil 1 next weekend and will let you know. By the way I am waiting for a jet to come in and when it does will richen everything. It is a '99 420. I am using 180 main but will be going 185 and 50 pilot / 100 pilot air. I think it nuns slightly hot as the plug is light tan. Could the extra heat be cooking the oil?

<font color="navy">The first 3-4 times I changed the oil in my '00 426F there was a substancial amount of metal shavings in the oil filter. I believe this was because the bike was new and everything was just getting worn in.

I just replaced my clutch basket and plates and I have changed my oil once since then. I didn't notice any type of materials on the filter, and the oil was brown. (like always)

Good luck


I've been running Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic since I replaced the new clutch basket and plates.



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Aluminum and magnesium tend to change the color of oil quicker than cast iron does. When engine is new, you also tend to pick up some manufacturing debris. We, (at least in auto industry), also add a sealant additive to initial oil (trans, etc.) to seal porosity in aluminum castings, (this caused "grabbing" in some of our transfer cases w/clutch pack), I wouldn't be surprise if Yamaha has done the same, whether or not this would effect oil color I've never checked into, (do know it was said 3 changes were needed to clear sealant out of transfer).


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why put mobil 1 which is a automotive oil in a motorcycle which has wet clutches. the numbers and letters on the bottle of oil dont jive with the reccomendations of the hasent got all the right ingredients to work with wet lose hookup and acceleration.see mx action website.(all about oil)

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