Clogged Jet/carb

What causes this? I have been told bad gas, dirt through the air filter and neither. Air filter is clern and could not find any sediment in the gas tank.

Letting the bike site is the biggie. Temp swings can draw moisture into the tank and carb. Ethanol and some of the EPA additives going bad is the result.

Some have the fuel get 'funny' after a month, some six months. My rule of thumb is if the fuel is going to sit more than two weeks I add stabilizer. A little over kill but I have not had a clogged carb in 30 years.

dirty f air filter does not go into the fuel system in the carb bowl. There are some hoses that could maybe suck dirt as well as water if in deep water crossings. Other than that it is thru the tank to the carb. The clogged jets can be the bad, dried up gas that we deal with now. The current gasoline isnt what we had 20 yrs ago and it leaves a nasty white corrosion that plugs up the tiny holes quickly. I usually run my bikes til they die from running out of fuel.

Mike, more question...My bike ran fine until I dropped it. Then it would not start and or ran very rough right after I picked it up. Why would that have suddenly caused the carb or jet to clog?

Dropping the bike over on it's side can flood the engine...pick it up and kick it with throttle wide open (open the throttle slowly if it's a newer 4stroke), it will let a lot of air get in to evacuate the fuel from the combustion chamber.

When the bike is cold, you sometimes need more gas to start it, so use the choke.

When the bike is hot, you sometimes need more air to start it, kick it with a wide open throttle, or with the hot-start pulled if you have it, if you just killed it and it won't restart with a normal kick.

not starting and running ruff when it did sounds like a flooded engine, wet air filter, etc. If it cleared up in a minute then I would say that was it. The clogged jet after a fall could just be one of those things that happens sometimes.

Also, check the air filter to ensure it did not get gas soaked.

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