01 Suzuki JR 50 tips over then nothing

Bike starts up 1st or second kick before riding. Once its warmed up and Garrett rides for a while is when the trouble starts.

He shut it off yesterday and we couldn't get it back started. Also noticed when he tips it over it WILL NOT start and ends his riding for the day (sad face).

Whats the deal? please help...

How do you eventually get it started again? Could it be as simple as a flooding issue? Also, have you checked for spark while the problem is present?

We just park it and call it a day...It fires right up the next morning

How do you stop the "flooding issue"?

I bet one of the drain tubes coming off the bowl of your carb is clogged. When your bike tips over it should drain any fuel out the drain tube. In your case it sounds as if it is dumping into the cylinder causing the flood like condition. If you have to wait til the next day that is likely your spark plug finally drying out :thumbsup:

Carry an extra spark plug with you next time and make sure the drain tube or nipple it connects to isn't clogged.

after it tips, are you kicking it with full throttle? If not it can be flooded and get worse (and never start)

clean the carb really good

use air to clean out jet passages and vent tubes

use a q tip cut in half and chuck it into a drill and polishthe crap out of the seat area of the needle and set

Any updates omg your username is long? LOL

I had two JR 50 Suzukis as well had one as a s[pare becasue as soon as he tips over it floods so i would go get the other bike and off he goes. Wait for a little bit and the other bikes starts again just huge flooding issues and mine where not the only ones doing it ive talk to lots of people and no one has actually figured out why it floods. But I sold them both and got a Cobra 50 Mini awesome little bike the boys loves it at it start first kick every time when he tips over I pick it up and its starts... Whaaaa Hooo

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