What Radiator coolant to use?

yesterday during practice for a race i lost my radiator cap and a lot of fluid, i was lucky i noticed in time :thumbsup:. but all we had was regular walmart antifreeze/coolant and couldnt find any at the track shop or around that we could use but we managed to get a cap at the shop. so what type of coolant should i get, or should i keep the stuff i have? one of the guys at the track said regualar antifreeze/coolant can mess up my radiator so id rather have whats made for it. thanks:ride:

i use engine ice

Engine Ice or LP

I did too. Until I started getting all these little seeps everywhere. Not really leaking, just staying wet or damp around hose clamps, drain bolt, etc.

They put something in Engine Ice to make it slippery. It works. I am not saying anything bad about Engine Ice. It does work very good, and it did keep my bike cooler. I just got tired of the wet spots. After switching back to regular coolant all of these weeps have stopped. My 2 cents.

make sure if you go with something other than motorcycle specific coolant that it is rated for below zero. Some of this stuff like water wetter isn't rated for winter and needs to be drained and replaced with standard bike specific antifreeze for the winter. I've used Honda premixed 50/50 and spectro premix 50/50. iirc you need something designed to be run in aluminum engines. thats where the normal car anti freeze goes wrong.

Coolant is coolant is coolant unless you're using a propylene glycol or the likes.

I've run everything from Peak to Quaker state, to no-name advanced autoparts coolant :thumbsup:

I bought a TUSK radiator cap, 1.6 vs the 1.1 that is stock. It did not fit very well, was difficult to get on in that it was so tight...not the spring but the tabs around the circumference are folded down too far or something. Anyway, I went back to the stock cap, drained the stock coolant, and put in some zip ty waterless coolant. It has been good. I don't know about temp, but it does not boil over at all. It is propylene glycol. I hear that the water-based coolants will actually cool the engine better, but they do boil over more. So, if you watch it really well and keep it topped off, or get a catch tank, go with water-based stuff and maybe a 1.6 or 1.8 cap. I'd go with the CV4 cap. TUSK was not so well made as I mentioned above. I am happy with the zip ty because I know it is not going anywhere. If the engine runs a little hotter, that is OK, at least it is not going to boil half of it out without me noticing until it is too late and the engine is damaged. My 3 cents.

i have CV4 lines im thinking that ill get engine ice and its a outlaw 1.6 cap

I use Kawasaki coolant, just order it online and it's pretty reasonable!

Regular car coolant seems to work well for me but make sure it is the type your bike calls for. My Crf250r wanted some asian blend.

I would say regular coolant with a kawasaki 1.6 rad cap. thats what i use and i have had no problems

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