2003 yz450f street legal blinker problems


My beasts blinkers will not blink, lights work fine but when signals are turned on they just light up but wont blink, its registration time and I need to fix

any IDEAS?? I put a new stator on last month and it has worked great but now this problem.

Not replies yet, not sure about blinkers???

Could it be something simple like a flasher relay, where would the flasher relay

be located & how do I check it???

The Baja designs street legal kit was on the bike when I bought it so i am not sure about it. Any help would be great

You ever figure this one out? Mine was being weird too, when I got my bike with the baja kit they would blink, but after a few days they would just come on. The flasher is behind the headlight right under the horn, and it's by far the cheapest flasher I've ever seen. It's just a round cylinder with 2 metal tabs out of the tab that are perpendicular to each other. I'm trying to swap my signals for led signals, so I'm gonna go to pepboys and see if I can find an electronic flasher to replace it. Hopefully they'll be a little brighter since they won't need as much power to light up.

Most normal flashers are made to stay lit, or blink really fast if they're not getting full resistance so you'll know when you have a light out, so it might just not like the turn signals. I'll let you know if the electronic one helps out when I get it.

Called Baja Design

Yes we have an older cheap flasher but they made me a new one that would work perfectly, much better than the old round cylinder looking flasher, much smaller as well, hooked it up and blinkers worked, now i have a horn issue

just going to buy a new horn and hook up, then registration

What kind of flasher did they send you? I went to look for a new one, but it turns out all the 2 prong flashers looked just as cheap as the one I have, plus it says it's electronic, so I don't think replacing it with what they had would've helped anything. I might just have to go back to the original signals for now, maybe try to find some nicer looking lights with bulbs in them instead of LEDs.

Call Baja Designs, talk to ryan, he will customize your new flasher to work like your old did. Mine had the old round cylinder style with 2 prongs, the new one works perfect.

Good luck

I was actually browsing their site yesterday and saw they had one that looked different and said it worked with LEDs. I'm gonna give them a call because there's a couple parts I want to update and I figure the path of least resistance will be to talk to them and order everything at once to make sure they sell me what works with my setup. I need to order a new battery pack, turn signal flasher, keyed ignition, led tail light, and a front brake light switch. Hopefully if I tell them what setup they have they can get most of it ready for me and save me a few hours of 'trying' to make things work. It should be like a whole new bike when I'm done.

Oh, and one other question. On their website it says the battery pack will keep the tail light on for 15 minutes after the bike is shut off, but are the turn signals and headlight wired into it as well?? My battery was dead when I bought the bike, and I assumed it was just a fact of life when you bought a converted dirtbike that everything goes dim when you stop at redlights, but apparently the battery is supposed to prevent that, but does it only keep the tail light running, or will it keep my headlight and turn signals flashing when I stop too? It's kind of annoying that every time I stopped or pulled in the clutch to make a sharp turn in town that the signals would go out haha.

I have never replaced my battery pack, My headlight does stay on after I shut the bike down, but not for 15 minutes, maybe mine is getting old

Again,I thought the same thing with the looks of the new Flasher but it did work perfect.Good Luck

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