Electric Start Question

2008 CRF450X

05r Cam

162 Main Jet

R and D Fuel Screw

NCYS Needle in 3rd Clip

Stock Pilot, Leak Jets

Pro Circuit Full Exhaust

Stock Air Filter and Backfire Screen

I have been fumbling around with a carb issue for the last few days which has led to a dead battery which means no e-start. First off, the bike started and ran great around the block a month ago when I pulled the 02r cam and installed the 05r cam. Before that, no problems at all. As soon as I get home from vacation the other day I go to start it and it dumps about a half cup of gas on the ground through the carb hoses. Then it started with the choke on, backfired and died. Then it started with the choke on and dies when I turn the choke off. So I'm pretty sure that is a pilot jet issue and have disassembled the carb for a full cleaning. Before this, the bike ran great, but I am still open to suggestions. So the first time I kick my bike during all of this, I can hear the e-start 'wind' inside the motor. Now, I may be digging, but is this an issue? Is the e-start dragging on the motor and possibly bogging it so it can't idle? When was checking the valves, I turn the motor with the Allen socket in the right crankcase and it seemed like it wanted to go backward a couple times. I know it's probably a simple issue that I'm blowing out of proportion, but I wanted to see what anyone else thinks.


With the fuel leaking out it could be a stuck float.

I pulled the carb and did a clean up with no obvious results. It seemed clean. The fuel dumped out, like real fast.

Did you lose the tiny o-ring on the fuel screw? Or is it worn? The tip of the screw can also wear

It turns out the hot start cable was pinched between the gas tank and frame. Sometimes I hate my own stupidity.

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