how hard is it to change out the shocks all the way around? i do not think that the rear shock wil be that difficult but i have not done it b4. i have also never done a fork but i can not tell just by looking at it how it would all come apart like i can the back spring.

not too hard but I would suggest getting a service manual to follow to make it that much easier. :thumbsup:

I just re-sprung my Dr 350. Not to hard, had shop manual so it was easy to follow along.

I don't know how much you weigh but you should consider having the valving worked on when you change the springs. I weigh 185 in gear and sent my forks to Eddie for new springs and valve work. The springs went to .46 from .44 so it wasn't a big change but the valve work made a world of difference on how the fork reacts. Well worth the couple hundred dollars it cost me (cost included springs, labor, and supplies).

race tech has a spring calculator said i would need 5.5 up front and 6.0 in the back. i was thinking about just sending them in but seems like it will end up costing a lot more money and put me with out a bike for longer. i think i will be able to just re spring it and if i can do it my self only spend $250 i do not know how much i would get charged sending them in how much did it cost u if u dont mind me asking? my rideing weight is about 240-245 lbs i am 6'2''. what service manual/ where can u get it?

I sent my forks in to Eddie at Sisneros Speed Works. I like to support the guy that gives us so much great help and advice for free when I can. You can contact him at SSpeedWorks@gmail.com or call 303-485-1858. You need to tell him what you weigh with gear, what kind of riding you do, and he'll set you up with the proper springs and valve work. The price will vary depending on whether you need seals or other work done at the same time. I only needed springs, labor on the valves, and new fluids and I think the bill was around $220. I paid ~$30 each way for shipping. As far as off road riding goes it was the best money I've spent on the DRZ by far.

I haven't done the back yet as its pretty close for now but I do intend to have Eddie work his magic on it in the future.

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