08 top end question..

what would be the benifit of doing some head work and installing a JE 14.0:1 high compression piston on a 2008 yz250f ?

Depends what you mean by head work.

Upping the compression usually adds a little extra torque. But at the expense of sometimes requiring higher octane fuel.

Before moving a bike away from stock, you have to figure what your goals are, why and can you afford to get to them.

Unless you are an A class racer, I've found most people are best off having cam timing optimized at the same time a valve job is done and save the mod money for suspension, practice and maintenance.

Make yourself faster and not the bike.

not sure what else is done to the motor. all the add says is what i posted.."head modified and a JE 14.0:1 high compression piston" i am a B class rider could be A if i was able to put more time on the seat but with 2 little girls thats not an option..

Ah, you are referring to an ad and not what you want to do.

Often, when an engine needs freshening, the owner will put in a higher comp piston to gain more power as they are buying a piston anyways. Though a piston by itself often doe not give much other than the headache of needing hi octane, low power fuel, which, depending on what is done to the engine, may end up making less power than stock. A enagine is the sum of the parts and very often a single change does little or in some cases actually makes things wose. Not saying that is the case here but it is not a big deal having the JE piston in. All it really means is the guy had to do a top end. A more significant question is why? Does the bike have 150 hours on it? Was it so poorly maintained that after 10 hours it needed work? What work was done to the head and why? Do not forget, a seller wants to sell, not share info. That and a lot of owners are a bit clueless so he may be 100% honest but has no idea what he is talking about.

Any used bike is a gamble. Nearly every one is "In perfect condition, new top end".

Read the Craigs List Dictionary to get a little jaded.

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