hydration pack help

Hey guys, i need some help. I have had problems keeping hydrated while riding. So i started looking at one of these hydration packs. I also wear a leatt brace and a chest protector. Which one will work well for mx, long trails and be comfortable and last more than a day. Also one that won't be that heavy for mx. I have seen the ones that strap to the leatt but will that work with the chest protector? Thanks guys for the help.

My son's and I all use Camelbak's over chest protectors. 100oz of water will last us all day. It won't stay cold all day, but will keep you hydrated.

Luke warm water will hydrate you faster and doesn't consume energy to bring it to body temp. Trust me I lived through a heat stroke earlier this year. You can and should use electrolyte pills or additives to you water. That will help keep you from cramping up.

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