Rode to the top of a mountain (Pics)

I'll let the pics speak for themselves, 87Km, 5 bikes, 2 of which ran out of gas, broken rad hose, thunderstorms, muskeg, you name it, we probably had it on this ride haha The ride was the best I've ever been on, and the scenery was just as amazing:







Thanks again to Dave and Jimmy for showing us around yesterday!

So good...

Great pics, was probably really nice being at the top just relaxing and enjoying the views.

Nice pics looks like alot of fun.

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. We have mountains around here but they are all tree covered. The only thing close to that kind of scenery we have would be an old reclaimed coal mine. This is one of the reasons I LOVE dirt biking.

Beautiful pictures, reminds me of my time in Kodiak, AK.

great time for a beer :thumbsup:

Even when things were at Their worst I was still having fun. It does get Pretty scetchy though, when your lost and you buddy's bikes are out of gas and you have to choose wether to give them some of yours or leave them & find your way out. I think we made The right choice by leaving them, getting fuel, locking you keys in your trunk (lol), then finding them. It all worked out perfectly! Can't wait to go there again!

Yeah thanks again for showing us that route Dave! I wouldn't mind coming up the way we went down, it was a fun trail and the we can avoid the SKEG!

wow EPIC ive always wanted to ride terrain like that :thumbsup:... where is it? close to BC border?

Looks like SW Colorado to me; near Ouray and Silverton

It's a bit north of Canmore, Alberta.

Mmmmmm. Looks like a great place to relax after a good ride.

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