ignition problems? '03 250

well had some issues a few weeks back with my bike getting no spark, took it apart and checked all the connections, killswitch was a bit loose so i tightened it and TA DA it worked.

this weekend drove 3 hours out of town to go riding with my two friends and after a short 45 minute warmup ride came back to camp bike running fine, and shut it off. to my dismay 10 minutes later when we went to go riding again it wouldnt start, changed plugs, no spark. took bike apart and checked every connection and everything seemed to be fine.... but its dead in the water.

a guy i ran into said it might be the cdi, my friend and i thought the killswitch was stuck or something so we disconnected it and still had no spark....

any ideas?? where should i start to look? buy a used cdi and give it a go?

Sounds like either your CDI or your spark plug cap is fryed. Just clarifying that your bike has zero spark?

Time to start sourcing some used parts... the best option would be to find someone close with a Yz and swap parts till you find the issue so you dont spend alot of coin on parts you dont need.

yep, zero spark.... damnit. prime riding time right now and my turd is broke down, hopefully get it figured out soon :thumbsup:

maybe just a coil but try a new kill switch first

All the kill switch does is ground the coil. So instead of blindly replacing the kill switch, disconnect it, if it runs with it disconnected then it's the switch. No need to be throwing parts at something when it can be diagnosed.

If you have your service manual, go to the ignition system section, in electrical. There you find a trouble shooting tree, and all of the information you'll need to diagnose it all yourself. You'll just need a multimeter.

Gettin a multimeter today and gonna try to get it figured tommoro before work, ive come to terms with not riding this weekend but high hopes for the next!

Wish me luck

Gettin a multimeter today and gonna try to get it figured tommoro before work, ive come to terms with not riding this weekend but high hopes for the next!

Wish me luck

Good thing is that theres not many parts that could cause this symptom so diagnosing it should be rather simple. The hard part will be getting the part in before next weekend unless you plan on paying for rush shipping or ordering new from the dealer.

Non the less... GOOD LUCK:thumbsup:

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