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Pictures of my desert/HD wheel build and bike

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Here are a few quick pictures of my new wheels I built. This set is stock hubs with buchanan S.S. spokes laced to a 21 front 18 rear O'Brien desert rims.

I have another set of hubs off a cr250 I want to build up as well. I have a OEM front rim already in pretty good shape I can't decide on what rear wheel I want to buy for it and what kind of spokes.. Buchanan's are expensive and you get what you pay for idk if it will matter if I get the non S.S. nipple versions and a 19" wheel. The hubs are blue and so will be the rims... All blue FTW lol

All i can say is buchanan's are the shiznit...And the rims are legit for what I got them for.

In the process of lacing them up.


Test fit on the bike/truing process.


Bike before putting the rims on it. These are borrowed ones..


Also as of Sat. Bought some S.S. TUSK brake lines which had Galfer printed on all parts. That were about 40% less then Galfer brake lines in a Galfer box. I guess tusk buys the lines from Galfer and sells them as their own idk? they are a ton better then stock. Wish I did it a long time ago. As it's a necessity to do that on a sport bike due to brake fade.

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Front and rear wheels including Powder coating, spokes, bearings, and rims talking about? I assume ..

I forgot to add these rims weigh slightly more then stock. and have lips as you can see in pictures.

Color of them is classified as titanium.

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Wheels are about 110 each on website I think and buchanan spokes are about 100 a set. Bearings + seals were changed and buddy hooked me up on the PC.

IRC VE33 Tire mounted... Holy smokes does this thing hook on just about anything it touches.. The lugs are massive too....


Final Picture


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