Need new tires for CRF230F...

Sorry about another tire thread! :ride:

I ride trails that have sand, rocks, roots, etc....BUT...mostly sand.

I still have the stock Pirelli's on my bike and it's terrible in sand...almost dangerous. The front end just wants to turn and bury itself into the sand! :thumbsup: I didn't think it was that bad until I bought a YZ125 last week, for my oldest son, with some Dunlop D773's on it. It tracks 10 times better than my CRF does. I understand it has different bike geometry and weight, but the difference was amazing.

I'm thinking of replacing both front and back...for steering and traction. I would appreciate your recommendations...especially from those people who've used more than one tire or brand. Please remember that the trails we ride have more sand than anything else. :ride:

Thanx in advance!!!


got a dunlop 752 in the front and a pirelli trials 400x18 in the rear. seems to work well every where. oh yeah it's on the crf 230

The Pirelli trials tire, or any trials tire for that matter, requires a 2.15 size rr rim width. As you already know, the CRF230 rim width is a narrow 1.85 size in the back.

If you shoe horn that wide of a tire inside a narrow width rim, then you jack up the back end with the tire bulging over its design sizing. This changes the balance of the bike, makes it ride in a more raked position, and shortens the steering head angle, which will make the bike lose stability when going faster.

Since OP mentioned riding in alot of loose sand, the best tire I've found for deep soft loamy sand is the Michelin S12 tire. This comes in a size appropriate for the 1.85 width rim, so your steering won't be out of spec. They also will handle the roots and some rocks, but you can't have a sand tire, and expect it to last long when you ride the rocks as well. You're going to have to compromise....

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