Well, it ain't gonna get much hotter than this. My calibrated lab thermometer in my carport says 97/98. I have an '07 XR650L, Dynojet kit, stock gearing, Uni filter, air box opened up. Running Castrol 4T full synthetic. Infrared thermometer.

After running at 65-70, and everything else below that, including sitting on the rather warm asphalt idling in traffic a bit, the highest oil temperature I see anywhere in the oil system is 248 degrees F. On the engine, between the fins rather high up, the highest reading I got was 312 degrees F. After all the stories about high temps, I feel a bit more than somewhat relieved.

I feel like that's not bad at all given the ambient temps but still higher than I'd like to see. I wanted to make sure my bike didn't overheat so I installed an oil cooler. Now when I sit in traffic the highest I have seen is about 220 with it normally being around 185 or so when moving. Do you have an oil temp probe or how are you measuring?

With an infrared thermometer gun (not the $19.95 Harbor Freight Special either). Have checked it numerous times at work and you don't lose more than 2 degrees across a thick cast iron interface compared to a calibrated digital probe in the oil bath, so I figure thin steel tubing should be even closer. Ditto with aluminum.

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