Is a spoke torque wrench worth it and how do I use it?

My spokes keep coming loose on my crf250r like most bikes. I never know how to tighten my spokes correctly though. It seems like some of them are clockwise and some are counterclock wise. I also stripped out all the nipples on my old front wheel but I just go new wheels so I dont want that to happen again. Is a spoke torque wrench worth the money though? And also in my manual it says the torque should be 2.7 but then some of the torque wrenches are set at 4.4 so is that fine or to tight?

This is the spoke torque wrench I was thinking of getting

One more question. I always just went on each spoke and tightened it(I would turn it a full turn or what ever it took). I read that you should tighten a spoke and then skip 2. But how do you do that? I would just go on the right side of the front wheel and tighten and then go over to the left side of the wheel. Is that how you are supposed to do it but skip 2. Or do you go back and forth between the left and right side. I know thats a confusing question but its hard to word it.

Thanks for any help.

I have a torque spoke wrench, works for me. Someone please chime in and teach us how to do it by feel or sound.

Proper method is to start with the spoke next to the valve stem, tighten that spoke no more than 1/4 turn, then skip 2 spokes and tighten the 3rd spoke(4th spoke from stem), which will be on opposite side of hub, again no more than 1/4 turn. Continue same count until you reach valve stem, then start with the 2nd spoke from stem all the way around again, then the 3rd from stem all the way around, then all spokes will have all been tightened no more than 1/4 turn. If more torque is needed do this sequence again until proper torque is reached on all spokes. Keep in mind this is assuming the rim is true to start with, if not you need to true rim first which is a completely different procedure.

Ok thanks. Im just going to buy the excel adjustaable spoke torque wrench. The manual says 2.7 ft pounds which is 32.4 inch pounds. Is this right? The fassco wrech is set for 4.4 ft pounds. What should the torque be set at?

If your standing on the sprocket side of the bike and tightening the spokes on that side which direction is tight? Up or down? Do all the spokes have to be the same tone when you tap them with a wrench?

Its just like tightening a bolt. Think of it as looking down on the wheel if the tire wasnt on there. You would turn the nipples clockwise to tighten. Now just reach around the rim and tighten the nipples.

When I built my front wheel this spring I used my inch pound torque wrench with an allen socket that fit the top of the nipple to torque them after I had it trued up. Now that its got a tire on it I would just use a spoke wrench to tighten.

Lefty loosy righty tighty

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