Is it bad to push your bars forward this much?

Can it affect riding in any way? Reason I got 'em pushed up like this is to get 'em higher, I'm 6'0 an with them any closer they just feel weird. I'd also like to know if getting some mini bars would increase or decrease handling as well as other aspects of riding with the bars not as wide. Been thinking about getting those as they're pretty tall and less wide.


Whatever works for YOU. I do what feels good for me, not what works for someone else.

Yes, rolling your bars that far forward is called "chicago'ed" if the ill handling traits and sore wrists don't both you go for it!

I don't understand the relation in that term, lol.

Try watching this...

You might check into some bar risers to get the added height you're looking for.

That's just an example, there are plenty of other options.

Pushing the bars too far forward will screw up your steering geometry and make sudden turns even more exciting. But, as the first reply states, if this works for you, go for it.

I have run Pro Taper CR Low bar bend bars since 2001 on 4 different bikes. When I got my current 08 YZF I decided to get a new pair....only to find they have been discontinued. With the stock Yamaha Pro Tapers in a normal position it hurt my wrists from the sweep back So I rotated the bars forward like you have done till it stopped hurting my wrists.

They will be grand.

Only thing I could really relate to is:

I had my handlebars moved back the opposite way to you, as I'm such a shortarse it helped me move the bike in the air better, This one track there was a drop off with a hardish landing.

The first two races the landing was that tough the bars kept moving further down and down to the point where they were touching the fuel tank, no matter how hard I tightened the pinch bolts they moved, I ended up having to put them upright and take it easy over that drop.

6' isnt really tall enough for bar risers. They just mess up the geometry of the bike along with tall seats and lowered footpegs

Thanks for the responses guys.

Main reason I was asking was because I remember way way back in the day when I rode a little bit of BMX I had my bars more forward than normal on a BMX bike as well. I was at a skate park one day though and a few pros showed up an stopped me to tell me that having forward like that is bad news an asking for trouble, more prone to face plant with 'em foward I guess - didn't know if it had a relation on a dirt bike as well or not so. My wrists don't hurt with 'em forward like that at all, to me they're real comfortable but I do feel like I'm giving up a little bit of whip with 'em pushed forward. which is why I'm looking into cutting my bars or buying some minis.

What's your guys' input on mini bars?

Normal bar position is the grip parallel with the floor and you sitting on the seat, sitting up straight. Your palms, when laid on the bars should naturally fall flat on them. Typically, any other position will cause you problems.

Eh; I'm 6ft and have 1" risers under my bars. Works great... puts the bars right where I want them when I"m standing up and riding. Still comfortable on the highway sitting down too.

Mini bars work great if you're into woods riding and looking for some narrower bars. I normally just cut my bars down.

If you're looking for tall normal bars Pro Taper Pastrana FMX are the tallest.

@ Tribal - I read that the Pastrana bars were pulled closer to you more than other bars, maybe that was just speaking on his MX bend though. The FMX looks like a good bend, but I'd feel a bit weird going with Pro Taper as I have TAG triple clamps, ha.

@ Swede - Those look pretty good as well, killer price too.

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