426 clutch hub

I was looking at the condition of the clutch on my bike and noticed the clutch hub seems wobley. Is this normal for these bikes ? It is a 2000 and has a Hinson Clutch Basket. Basket is new. Clutch seems to grab smoothly. Just dont want to cause damage to the engine by running like this if I need to change it.

Anyone ????????????

The center part of the clutch with the splines on the outside, to which the steel plates engage, should never feel loose or wobbly in any way.

The basket attaches to the "floating" element of the driven gear cushion assembly, and can show some slack and looseness as it ages. When this becomes excessive, you should replace the drive gear/basket assembly.

Thanks. The center hub is wobbly where it splines on the shaft. I will replace it then. The basket is brand new and the clutches are as well. That was the only problem I have noticed on it that really got my attention. Thanks again Grayracer. I really appreciate it. Time to hit fleabay for a deal.......lol.

$92 at TT OEM. PN 5JG-16371-10-00

Fits '00-'02 YZ426

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