Need some help - dropped ball bearing into motor

OK, This is a tale of many mood swings! I will preface it with me trading my 2005 YZ250 2-stroke, so I could get my son a 2007 250f. I didn't want to do it, but I did it to make him happy.

He had been riding it one day for probably 2 hours on and off. I told him it was my turn. I made it 3/4 of a lap and the bike went from wide open to a pop and then rolled to a stop. Wouldn't start. After troubleshooting for days!, turns out it was a bad stator. Replaced it, put is all back together, my son can't get it started. I go over, 3 kicks it starts. Next day, he can't start it again, but now I can't either. I try again later that night, 1st kick! Next day, can't get it going again.

I call Eric Gorr and he gives me 3-4 things to check, which I already knew about, but was hoping he would have some secret that I didn't know about. First thing, take the flywheel off, bingo! Between the flywheel and the little black knob it transfers the electricity to, a circlip was stuck! SWEET.....OH Sh!t, maybe not. Where did it come from? I start digging around on the clutch side....then

OK, duma$$ me accidentally dropped the ball bearing from the inner clutch into the motor. Any ideas on getting it out? I have the right side case off and the complete clutch off. Here is what I've tried:

- searching around with flashlight and prodding with a small magnet

- flushing the motor with gas (with the side case apart). I am not sure if putting the case back together and putting more gas in there will help free it up.

- We tried laying it on both sides and jarring it a bit to get it loose from wherever it is.

- shifted the bike through the gears thinking it may be stuck in the tranny somewhere.

- pulled the flywheel and stator in case it somehow got up front.

The only two things I can think of are putting the cases back together and putting more gas in to slosh around and see if it gets to where I can see it. The other, tip the bike upside down, then to the sprocket side to get it to roll down to the filter on the bottom or the motor.

Any other ideas - besides splitting the cases?

Here are a couple photos of split cases from an '06. Not sure what to say, but maybe it will help your search to study these and see where a bearing might end up...



Good luck.

I lost that exact bearing on a clutch rebuild years back, didn't know where the heck it went till I noticed something stuck to my magnetic drain plug. Unfortunately the ball bearing is too big to fit through the drain. The only way to get it out once it's at the bottom of the motor is by splitting the cases. Which isn't as horrifying as many would think!

Well, I got REAL lucky. I bought a small magnet that you can extend and flex a bit and went fishing. It actually grabbed the bearing!!! YEAH!

The bad part - putting the clutch boss back on, I went to bend the washer tab and the pliers slipped and broke the boss!!!! DAMN IT, this bike is going to kill me via hear attack!!!

Ouch !

Hang in there, in the long run, at least you'll be familiar with the bike and have something to compare others to :thumbsup:

The problem is, I don't want to be familiar with it!!!! I had an 05 yz250f before and put the 290 kit on myself, so I know my way around the motor. I just didn't want another 4-stroke, but I did it for my son.

Your so lucky.. my dad dropped a ignition cover knock pin into the motor and it ended up underneath that oil strainer that you see in the pic posted above. I had to split cases and everything just to get that little knock pin out :smirk::foul::p

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