XR650R in Minivan


I am just about to buy a new XR650R (2002)and was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the BRP into a Minivan (Chrysler Town & Country) with compressed forks ?


I sold a DR350S on eBay last year and the buyer showed up in a Chrysler mini van. :D No way I was letting him leave without that boat anchor. I pulled off the front wheel and she slid right in. :) I would think you could do the same with the XR.

I think a mini van has a gross cargo capacity of 1,500lbs...Sorry your outa luck :)

I think a mini van has a gross cargo capacity of 1,500lbs...Sorry your outa luck :)


I think you could do it I ride with a buddy who rides a 01 wr 426, he has a full size lifted ford bronco and this is no joke with out a ramp he lifts the bike up there and puts it into the back with the back seat down :) you know what they say you need to be able to pick the bike up and put it in the back of your truck with out a ramp and if you cant do it... buy a smaller bike... he gets very creative on how it slides in there :D Do the same it should fit good luck!

and congrats on becoming a farm animal rider!


I was thinking of compressing the forks and "rolling" the bike into the T&C through the side door which is roughly 44 inches high.

Just confirmed the purchase of my brand new 2002 BRP a minute ago. (Under 5K OTD here in CA) Will pick it up tomorrow or Friday, can hardly wait.

:):D :D

I have several buddies who use little Astro vans as their race vans, they all use a tie down to compress their forks and roll the bikes right in the back. Of course getting a bike in the plain white pannel van is a little different than a plush town and contry. Good Luck!

I will check out the inside dimensions of the Chevy Astro Van on the web. I assume it has more height than the T&C.

The only problem I have is that I do not know how high a stock BRP is when the forks are reasonably compressed. Does anyone know ? :)

The plan is to remove the rear bench and the middle two seats, this should make it possible to slide it in, if the BRP is not too high.

Would like to avoid trailering 12 hours roundtrip at 55 :D to pick up the new pet.


My friend put his BRP (XR650R) into the back of a Chevy Citation. He removed both wheels and dropped it in the hatchback area. :)

The long term solution was to buy a trailer.

My brothers XR400 and my KTM625 are both 48" when sitting straight up. I would guess a BRP is about the same. I would think that 42-44" is where you would be compressed.

42 would be great 44 could be critical !

Looks like I will take the trailer and do the experiments later.

Thanks to all for the comments and the help.


When I had to load my BRP into the back of my truck with a topper, I used ratchet straps to compress the springs. Anchored to the grip and to the bottom of the fork tube. Compressed until about 4" remained on the forks. Still was a tight fit. I bought a trailer.

mines roped to the trailer right now, 44.5" to the top of the number plate with lots of fork left to squish, probably get it down to 42 pretty easily. good luck, JR.

There is some speculation that compressing the springs for long periods of time (don't know what they mean by "long") will affect their "modulus of elasticity" :D. They could become slightly compressed when unweighted which will change their spring rate.

I am by no means an expert in this area, just heard it once and it stuck with me. PC Racing even sells a fork support which will keep your forks extended when your bike is tied down.

Please feel free (of course) to fire back! I just like to throw grenades from behind the keyboard sometimes and see what happens :).

I have a1987 caravan with a44 inch rear door and by compressing forks 5inches or so have no problem loading my 2000 xr 650 r

Wouldn't it just be easier to put the minivan on the XR? :):D


I finally picked up the bike yesterday and YES it does fit into a Chrysler T&C and similar types. But you need two folks, remove all seats but the font two and it is still close. I did compress the the forks; otherwise there is no chance at all to get the bike into the car.

So for future reference: It is possible but not something you would want to do more than once a year.

Hope to see you out there in the dirt somewhere soon. :)

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