Pitken Area


Hi Guys,

I am planning a trip (from MN) out to the Pitken area at the end of August (2011) and am looking for any insight into the riding in that area, camping, or any other relevant information. Reviews of the area would be nice and what type of riding we can expect to encounter.



We spent last weekend in Pitkin. I didn't get to ride but saw several quads on the streets and several guys hitting some of the trails near by. There is only one restaurant that opens at 11 and the food is burgers and burritos. The quarts creek lodge is where we stayed and it's OK but for 100 a night we expected something a little better. Gunnison is the closed town and both are near Taylor park (dirt bike mecca). If you going to be in Pitkin then you have to go to Taylor park. There are tons of camp sites if you drive strait up main street you will run into the state park. Isabel I think it is. Tons of camping around there. Beavers, Marmot, Moose, etc. You may consider going to Gunnison instead and riding all there is to ride out that way. It's about 45 miles north / northwest of Pitkin.

where in MN are you from ? Are you planning on camping or cabins ? Big group, small group ? skill level ? Pitken is close to Taylor Park (riding heaven), how did you decide on Pitkin ?

We are from the Twin Cities (Lakeville, Andover, Cannon Falls). We are planning on camping @ the Pitken campground. The group size has yet to be determined but I imagine it would be between 4 - 7. We are decent riders (some very good), we usually ride AZ and MT (or CO) once a year, riding whatever we can find. We are usually looking for moderate - difficult single track and like to put on about 50 - 100 miles a day. My uncle (who is included in this party) has been to Pitken several times but it has been many years since he was there and he highly recommends it. We were trying to decide between the Big Sky, MT area and Pitken and we decided on Pitken because we have all ridden MT several times and wanted to try something new (for most of us).

I grew up in New Hope. Live in Kansas City now. Been to that area of Colorado probably 20 times. Its the Pitkin campground you are talking about IN Pitkin ? Or is it middle quartz creek campground or something like that ?

Do you have maps of the area ? Latitude 40 and/or National Geographic Trails Illustrated ?

I love the Pitkin Campground, but due to our group size, it is hit or miss if we can all get in as it only has 12 (I think) slots. I don't know if the same host are still there or not but sometimes they reserve spots for their friends which they are NOT supposed to do since this is supposed to be a first come-first serve (non-reservation) campground. If you really want to get away from

everyone then go to Deppler Park area. Just go a 1/2 mile or so past the Pitkin Campground then turn right and follow the road til it opens up in the valley and find a spot. You have to bring everything with you but you WON'T

be dissappointed by the views.

On a side note- last year the water was shut off at the Pitkin Campground

due to quality issues. I can't speak for this year tho. Just be prepared.

I'll be up there a week after labor day! Can't wait........

I've stayed just down the road from Pitkin in Ohio City:


Great people and nice accommodations, they have a stocked pond out back for a little fishing action. There is a nice USFS campground nearby too, Gold Creek CG.

Here's a little ride report I did on riding that area about 10 days ago with a few pictures, something to wet your appetite. Drop me a PM if you want additional info.


Awesome report (and great pics). Thanks.

do you have a map of the area yet ? If you do PM me and I can show you a weeks worth of riding.

I am due for tires before my upcoming trip, would you recommend a standard knobby or a trials tire for this area?

I'd suggest trials. The only exception would be if you tend to steer with the rear tire by spinning it. It may grip too well for that.

+1 on the trials

That part of the State is a single track Mecca. I've spent the last 7 years living there. If you want some good suggestions PM me and maybe I'll fill you in on some sweet trails that are not as well known. Trials tire will be great, although it has been raining a lot out there, a knobby would work fine. I think it's perfect riding weather; rains just enough to keep the trails tacky.

Is your bike plated? Because Pitkin does border Fossil Ridge Wilderness and if you could drive a little further north/north-west (Taylor Park, Crested Butte) options multiply. Or by heading east towards Marshall pass/Monarch Pass.

If you need anything for your bike, Gunnison Motor Sports is the way to go.

Thanks awadas. Yes, we are all plated.

awadas23, have you been on the Quakey Mountain trail that heads over and ends near Sargents ?

I have not been on that trail. What would you like to know about it? I'm sure someone out of my riding friends has been on it....

how close to there do you live ?

I have not been on that trail. What would you like to know about it? I'm sure someone out of my riding friends has been on it....

Quakey mtn-easy and fun. Except near hiway 50 where it crosses the river by CDOT. Went scuba diving last time I crossed it, then froze my arse off riding down the hiway to Sargeants! Can't wait to do it again.......

Scott - I used to live in Gunnison, 25 miles west. Spent a lot of time in that area; White Pine, Monarch Pass....

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