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OffRoad Erzberg - JUST the pics - for those who dont like to read

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If you are like me and just want pics, here they are. If you want more details about the event and the pics, please click here. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=996877

30 Story Drop Low.jpg

bath Tub Crest Red Bull.jpg

bathtub Top.jpg

Bathtub Down.jpg

Bathtub Up Hill.jpg

Bike Launch Long Hill.jpg

Bike Launch Rock Hill Low.jpg

Crazy Europeans.jpg

Dump truck tour bus

Dump Truck Bus.jpg

Erzberg Bike.jpg

Erzberg Start Hill Low Res.jpg

Grease Garden.jpg

Hanging Orange Banner rope-poster.jpg

Helemt Camera Helacopter

Helicopter Cam.jpg

Hill Climb With Red Bull.jpg

Hole Shot.jpg

When the KTM delivered a 200 instead of a 250


Carl's Diner



Really steep hill. There was no approach and the top was vertical.


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Karl Katoch and Mike Sigety.jpg

MIke in KTM Semi Low.jpg



Remote control plane camera

Plane Cam with Full Heads up Display in goggles.jpg

Prolouge 2 wet.jpg

76 MPH on the gps


Riding on top of a retaining wall an inch from the edge. I was using my leg as a hook to keep from falling

retaining wall low.jpg

Notice the banner haning vertical in the background in relation to the bike. Should give an idea of how steep these hills were.

Sruck on the side of a vertical hill 30 stories up.jpg

Stuck on a vertical hill 30 stories up.jpg

Suzuki Rear Sprocket.jpg

Thumpertalk Team at Erzberg Low.jpg

This tunnel was pitch black. If there hadn't been someone infront of me I'd have been riding blind bouncing off the walls.


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