Best IT Tire for traction?

im still looking for the best IT tire that has the best traction? i know the maxxis IT suck for traction and thats what i have been running, but ive been thinking about the IT dessert? any difference?

how are the dunlops geomax MX51 rear tire? do they get good traction? how long do they last?

how are the dunlops geomax MX51 rear tire? do they get good traction? how long do they last?

good traction but any rocks and they will be eaten in a day

Just remember than one one tire may suck for you but be awesome for another. I personally love the Maxxis IT on the rear of my bike. Super long lasting with great traction when used on my KDX200 and the terrain I ride. BTW, if you don't like the IT then the IT Desert will only be worse due to it's compound. With all that being said, I can't stand an IT on the front. I really like the Maxxis SI for the front and is my favorite.

Been running some Motoz Enduro IT's, front and rear, on my KDX250 for a while now. The front shows very little wear after 15 rides. It doesn't work as good as the SI does in the terrain I ride but would probably be great in any soil that has some moisture in it. The rear is the most predictable rear I have ever ridden. It doesn't last nearly as long as the IT but is a good tire with decent traction and very predictable handling.

All I run mostly is IT's since the terrain where I live has those kind of conditions.

The Maxxis is a very good tire when the surface of the ground is hard. It sucks in soft ground, but that's no surprise. I would say it has more of a hard-conditions leaning than most IT's.

The MX51 is better in soft, but not as good on rock. Its a mediocre tire.

I've tried the Goldentyre hard conditions tire and would rate it as a very good IT. Exceptional on slimy rock but can actually grip in soft. Too bad I blew the bead off it or I'd buy another.

I'm trying the Motoz Tractionator right now (older version) and its got the best of both world: great on rock and acceptable in soft. Really good for getting you out of deep ruts. Wear is excellent.

I bought the maxis dessert It front and rear, I love the rear and hate the front. I have a new desert It coming for the rear and a bridge stone m203 for the front. My problem was washing out with the front tire whenever I hit the loose stuff so hopefully the m203 will help with that. I love the maxis for the rear because it lasts so long especially on the street which I take to the trails. The dessert It does good enough in the loose soft stuff for me, and I Love the way it handles the rocks.

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