Problem with jetting i think?help?

okay so a couple of weeks ago i went to hollister hills with my friends and i ride an 07 yz250f. i was going up a big hill climb called twin hill and i hit it about 4th gear pinned and about half way up my bike just started bogging and i lost complete power. and i even shifted down to third and it had no response and my bike died in the middle of the hill climb. my bike has always sounded funny. doesnt sound right. it starts up first or second kick like normal but it wont hold a steady idle. and it will just die on me most of the time. im guessing that it has to do with the jetting on the carb.

my jetting is stock, and ive never messed with it. (2007 yz250f)

any suggestions on what jetting i should buy? thnx

Drain the fuel tank and carb, remove the cap on the bottom of the carb, clean it out, blow air through the jets, put new fuel in and retest.

will do.

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