New GO PRO Hero!

I just got a go pro hero 960 on saturday. $200.00 later here i am. What do you guys have your settings on? Do you really trust those sticky pads on your helmet if there is a branch? Does the battery really only last 2.25 hours?

video, yes + a saftey wire, yes and you will run out of space before that

im going to buy a 32MB memory card today.

im going to buy a 32MB memory card today.

32mb will get you about 30 seconds of video. I'm sure you meant to say 32gb. :thumbsup: I've been using the r3 setting lately.

Mine got knocked of my head a by a branch a couple of weeks ago. But the adhesive was fine. Somehow it came unclipped from the mount. Top of helmet only for open riding I guess. Thinking about the chest mount set up.

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