83 xr200r need gear for trans main and counter shaft. what fits?

What other years/models fit? Its the 6 speed. I am desperate, I need the bike back together before summer ends so my kid can ride atleast once.

Most all of the gears/shafts are the same from 79-02, but there were a few changes that prevent a blanket statement about what other years fit.

Without knowing what gear(s) are bad you can limit your search to: Complete tranny any 80-84 XR200 and 81-83 XR200R will fit. Excluding the main shaft and first gear 1979 XR185 tranny parts will fit, unless you want the low ratio 1st gear of the XR185. In 86 the counter shaft changed moving the sprocket outboard so that can't be used in the earlier chassis. One TT member had problems using an early right center case on a 86+ engine so do some part fiche research before spending money.

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clarify years

No 80 or 100.

Those two gears are used on the CB125S, SL125S, XL125, XL185, XR185, XR200, 81-83 XR200R, TLR200, and 86 XR200R.

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