crf50 help!

hey guys, i have a 2005 crf 50 that i stunt ride all the time. about two weeks ago, i went to a friends cabin and brought it there. did some seasonal road riding and had her kinda high in third gear for awhile. when i got back, i noticed she was spraying oil out of the seal that goes around the kick start. i pushed it back in and got it warmed back up and it didn't leak. i took her out to do some wheelies two days ago and she started spraying oil again. i feel like its not venting the pressure in the motor. any common lines that get clogged or anything, or did i just blow the seal and need to get a new one thanks for any help.

The only crankcase vent that I know about is on the left side, just aft of the air filter housing inlet (if you have a stock setup). Take off the breather tubes and make sure that nothing is plugged on the crankcase port, in the lines, the separator or the breather port on the carb.

I agree. After that get a sharp tool and pull that old gasket out and put a new one in. If its popped out once before its no good

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