Another Brake Bleeding Question!! :/

Hey guys I'm working on bleeding the brakes on my friends front and rear brakes. It's a 2011 Yz450F, I've never had such a big deal bleeding brakes before. This one is definitely testing my nerves though. I just put new lines on it, front and rear. I need to get a syringe so I can reverse bleed it. Do you all think walmart would have a syringe in the Pharmacy department? Also what size tubing would I need to fit on the end of the syringe to the bleeder screw? Thanks

Most Autoparts stores have syringes as well. Reverse bleeding is the only way to effectively do it - from my experience. If you can - force open the brake pads and block them open with some wood. This will help clear the air from the pad area and reduce the volume that needs to be bleed. Also make sure that the lever is fully returning so that the fluid can easily flow through past the piston. I've had problems with the front brake where the lever was hitting the handguard and not fully returning.

I have put tons of brake lines on without bleeding issues until recently. The last one I did would not bleed for some reason, I tried for hours. Regular bleeding wouldn't do it, back bleeding wouldn't do it, I even busted out my brake bleeding pump to try to force fluid backwards through the system and that wouldn't work either. Finally I tried cracking the banjo bolts loose and bleeding through them instead of the bleeder nipple. 3 minutes later I had rock solid brakes. If you haven't tried that already, try giving it a shot.

Thanks KJ, haven't tried that yet. So do you loosen both of the banjo bolts and then how do you bleed through those?

I did the top banjo bolt first, I would crack it loose, then squeeze the lever, then tighten the bolt, then release the lever. I put a pan on the floor under it b/c it makes a mess. I did this a few times, then moved to the bottom one and did the same thing with the bottom banjo bolt and after about the second time loosening and tightening it I finally had feeling in the brakes. Then I went to the bleeder nipple on the caliper like normal to get them completely solid. It was like the air was trapped at the banjo bolt and it wasn't about to go anywhere until I did that.

So do you crack loose the top master cylinder banjo bolt first? Then move down to the one on the wheel on the caliper after you start getting a feel in the lever?

If you really want to test your nerves, try to bleed the front brembo's on a ktm exc where the brake line goes just slightly higher then the reservoir, I take a spare handle bar, attach the brake to it then I have it hanging higher with a slight left tilt so there is no downward movement for the air, and by the way pantaz thanks for the link to rockler, it looks like they got better stuff then Im using, Im going to look into it.

Ok nevermind KJ I didnt read your post right. Thanks alot I will try that!

make sure you spread the caliper pistons apart completely this helps A LOT.. i couldnt get my brakes bleeded at all until i did this.

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