2007 RM250 fork springs work in 2005 YZ250?


2007 RM250 fork springs work in 2005 YZ250?

Yamaha 48MM Kayaba

Suzuki 47MM Showa

I don't think they will , but thought I would make certain.

Rm250 year 2008 outer shelf is at 54.85mm and yz250 year 2009 are at 55.80

it could work out. I have both bikes.

You are going from Showa to kyb. I doubt it will work. Who knows how the insides differ. Obviously the rate coudl be ok, but the length.....

Check the race tech sight for the part numbers, or spring series number. If the series is the same, go for it.

if not i have some .44's from a 2008 yz250f i'll sell you cheap.

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