will this air box fit my 2002?

that air box will not fit. you need an air box from a 2002-2004.

that air boot will not fit a 2002 box either. the 2002 air box and boot configuration was unique (it sucked so they changed it)

i would do yourself a huge favor and get a 2003 or 2004 air box and air boot.

ebay is your best bet, i just bought a 2004 air box from there for my 2002. but if you really just want the air boot, check out hondapartsline.com

here is one on ebay


Tks for the info my friend. I found the boot here...


How much is the difference from 2002 airbox and the 2003/4? Also it is pluj and play the upgrade?

Tks again for d help!!!!

What you want is the 03-04 air box and the 05 air boot. And yes, it all just bolts together.

Tks Shawn,

Do i need the 03/04 box and the 05 boot? Can i use the 03 or 04 boot i was thinking about buying the one on the ebay link above, then that one will do the trick as it is? 04 box and 04 boot? Will fit just fin in my 2002?

Tks again to all for your comments.

you can not use the 03 or 04 boot on your 2002 box. the 2002 box and boot are totally unique.

the 2003-2004 box will bolt up to your bike, but not to your air boot. you will need a 2003-2004 air boot as well.

you can also get a 2005+ air boot for the 2003-2004 air box. it is supposed to be a power upgrade.

so if you want to replace just the boot on your bike, you need a 2002 boot. but i would recommend getting a boot and box for the 2003 or 2004. the 2005 boot is nice, but not necessary, unless you are looking for more power.

Tks man!,

So the ideal will be:

04 airbox + 05 airboot

Well this is an upgrade for the next few months, for now i just got me the original 02 boot. But is a very nice information you guys are sharing here so

thank you and i hope this helps another people from the forum

Cheers! :thumbsup:

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