09 KLX250 - Broken Kickstand Weld?

So today my 09 KLX250 was sitting in the driveway after I got home from work, when I went back outside the bike is lying on the ground, and as I pick it back up I can see the kickstand completely failed.

Basically the weld on the kickstand to the frame just broke off, it seems like a major flaw that Kawasaki thought putting the entire weight of the bike on a weld that was connected to a SUPER THIN circular steel frame part. No idea what they were thinking here.

I went online and found other people have had the exact same problem, and really there has been no fix/resolution.

Here is a picture of someones after they had a temporary fix on the weld. (Not mine), but mine broke in EXACTLY the same place.


I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of / had this problem, and what I can do about it. My bike was bought brand new in 2008 so I am out of warranty, am I completely out of luck?

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