kx250f rolling chasis...what now??

hey guys just wondering if anyone has swapped a kx250 2t or kx125 2t in a 2006 kx250f perimiter frame? what would i need to get this done

you might as well do the 250 not the 125 if you want to sell it later..

What you need is good fabricating skills as you're going to have to do work to get everything to work right.

I think I have some links saved on my home computer that can help you.

If you don't have welding experience you better have a friend that will do it for you for a case of beer, otherwise the cost will be out of control.

Also, I agree you should use the 250 smoker motor rather than the 125.

There is a site called www.kxriders.com or something close to that and there are a lot of guys there that have done builds. There is also a guy there called "j-fab" that will do all the fab work on a frame and then send it back to you.

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