New to me 2001 400 sx PROBLEMS!!!!!

I just picked up this bike up over the 4th and it looked good and ran great. I get it home and my 2nd ride down the farm lane and I have no rear brake. It was good the day I did the trade for my other bike. so I try to bleed the rear's and I get side tracked and when I come back the next day to finish I have fluid droplets on the hoist deck. Now I have two problems. I was not able to get the lever to get back to normal. Any suggestions on the rear. Evac the system and start with new fluid (DOT 4). The other issue I will look at later. Thanks for any help you bring my way. :ride::foul::banana::foul::D:thumbsup::banghead::ride::banghead:

the KTM rear brake linkage is adjustable from the pedal to the master. The link can be made longer to get more throw inside the master, the pedal height adjustment is also part of the total throw. If that doesnt work then it could be a bad piston or seal.

Thanks Mike I will check that and see what happens. I will see if master seal is bad from the wrong fluid. The other issue with the bike is the shifter shaft seal is leaking. Any quick fixes to get the rest of the season out of it. Plan to tear it down this winter. Thanks again for the help.

be sure it is the shift shaft seal, thats not so common, but the counter shaft seal is common and right there too. Clean it good and see where its coming from.

Its the shifter seal. It is a slow leak I am thinking that some black rtv will do the trick to finish out the year.

perhaps the shaft is bent or has a piece of dirt in it, good luck

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