05 OEM valves

so i replaced my valves with OEM and people say they suck i put them in with about .01 more tolarance and i checked them at 8 hours and still in spec so its been 6 weeks now and about a good 30 hours on the top end and still in spec with no big break in strech so why does everyone hate oem valves?? and btw i ride hard im a B class rider and at the track 2 times a week

30 Hours isn't a lot at all. The titanium valves are weird. Sometimes they go quickly, sometimes they last a decent amount of time, other times they last forever. My titanium intakes probably have around 120-150 hours on them. Still in spec.

Last time I checked them was when I changed out the piston, about ~12 hours ago.

I don't think that it's an issue with the valve itself as much as it is with the valve seat material; Honda changed the valve seat material in 2006 to help alleviate this issue...

The stock titanium valves are lighter than the stainless steel aftermarket intake valves, but titanium is also softer than stainless steel. The softer ti valves will "stretch" and "cup" after awhile, due to the titanium pounding against the valve seat. The stainless steel valves are more resistant to this.

Yeah, from a performance standpoint, ti valves make more sense, i.e., less moving mass, but the more reliable/heavier stainless steel intake valves are known to last longer, and do not degrade performance. Some riders will opt to have updated valve seats (like "moldstar 90") installed and run ti intakes.

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